GP Speciality Trainee Pay and Conditions.

What will I earn as a GP Trainee

Trainees are employed under the same arrangement whilst in both hosptial and GP placements, which is a change introduced under the 2016 contract.

GPST are employed under a 'lead employer' arrangement through the St Helens and Knowsley NHS trust whilst in hospital and GP posts.

Salary Scales

GPST are paid a basic salary for 40 hours a week, at the nodal pay point for their paygrade

Grade/StageGrade CodeNodal PointBase Salary
GPST1 MS01 3 36,100
GPST2 MS02 3 36,100
GPST3 MS03 4 45,750
GPST4 MS04 4 45,750

Hospital Posts

Trainees are paid in hospital posts according to 2016 TCS

General Practice

Whilst in GP placements trainees are paid a GP flexible pay premium of £8200 pa. (pro rata)

There is no longer a 'GP supplement'. The hours of work are 40 hours a week, which includes any out of hours work, for which time off in lieu will be given during the week

Exception Reporting in GP

The work schedule sets out both the working hours and the intended educational opportunities available to a trainee in the post. These become the basis from which trainees will report exceptions, using the available exception reporting process.

Extra Hours

If a trainee finishes beyond the intended finish time in the work schedule, the trainee can submit an exception report highlighting the extra time through the Allocate system

This will alert the CS (Clinical Supervisor) to the issue and should result in a meeting between trainee and CS to discuss the issue. This additional time will be given back to the trainee at an agreed point in the future as time off in lieu (TOIL). Trainees are unlikely to be offered additional pay for this time, as this cost would have to be reimbursed by the practice to Health Education England (HEE).

The review meeting will also consider if this extra time is as a result of e.g. administrative work that cannot be reasonably completed during the allocated time, over–runs of clinics due to inappropriate workload or appointment length, and this will lead to a change in the work schedule