Group D: The Exit Course

Final 6m in GPST3

The Exit course— Liability —They never taught me that at medical school!

There's lots to developing a successful career as a GP, and in the exit course we look at the things you never knew you needed to know, with sessions on 'deciding what to do', 'being a locum and salaried GP', 'being a successful partner', 'the future of the NHS', 'CVs, interviews and covering letters'. We have a practice finance day where specialist medical accountants come and present on practice finance and loans, tax for doctors, financial planning. We have a practice legal day where specialist medical lawyers look at partnership agreements and GP commissioning and contracting. We have a session from a practice management partner detailing the ins and outs of Staff Management, Future planning. This course helps you plot the first steps into your independent GP career.

Group D

Practical Practice Problems

Interspersed through the Exit Course sessions we look at the range of real life problems that sometimes befall GP practices. So if you're not sure what you'd do if the building next door collapsed down the chalk workings, your reception team win the lottery, or if you find the senior partner and practice manager are having an affair, we look in small groups at a bunch of eclectic happenings and work it out, so your practice lives to fight another day.

How to decide what to do

Why do we go to work anyway? We look at what we love about General Practice and how to find our perfect portfolio, amongst partnership, salaried, locums, teaching and more. An interactive session looking at the pros and cons of the opportunities available and the beginnings of thinking about salaries, money managment, contracts and more.

Finding a job

What do we want? Given that 'when we want it' is less than 5 months away, we look at the factors important to us in finding the perfect GP role, and we flip it around to look at how practices recruit in the real world

The CV & Covering Letter

Time to dust off that CV and give it a polish. In this session we look at the hows and whys of CVs and covering letters, reviewing exemplar CVs and covering letters both good, and bad. We debate what's in and what's out of the CV. Bring your CV to your peer CV clinic.

The Interview

Ready for 'trial by sherry'? In this session we look at the ways that GP practices recruit and how to prepare for them. Ranging from informal 'trial by sherry' to more modern recruitment methods, we consider how to be our best and win that job. If you struggle to 'smise' and your 'small-talk' is a struggle, we've got interactive learning, hints and tips for you. We look at the kinds of questions asked, strategies to tackle them. Features a 'round robin' where trainees rotate between audience, interviewer and interviewee to practice and develop interview skills.

How to be... a good locum

Most of us locum at some point in our career, and this is how to get the best out of it. Featuring the practicalities of finding work, managing the paperwork, pensions, income, fees, rates T&C's and stucturing your locum business, this is the complete guide to keeping your signficant other, your bank balance, GP practices and the taxman happy in your locum career

How to be... rich

Okay, whilst we know you're never going to be rich as a GP, we need to develop the skills to manage money and budgets, whether we are talking personal finance, practice finance and managing commissioning, drug and other budgets. And it's a more attention grabbing title than 'the financial evaluation of tendered services'. So, if you don't understand your payslip, and can't work out where your money goes, all will be revealed when we dip our toes into the waters of finance, premises, buying-in and accounts.

Practice Finance

Run by Lovewell Blake, specialists in medical accounting, we look in depth at payslips, tax, national insurance, buying in and how to read and understand practice accounts. If the difference between net and gross, salary and drawings, capital gains and income tax eludes you, we aim to reveal the mysteries of money and accounts, with practical examples, group exercises, simple explanations and plenty of time for questions and answers. So why can't partners just have all the money out of their practice current account?

Partnership Agreements

Run by Rogers & Norton, specialist medical solicitors, we look at some of the legal sides of running a practice. What is a practice agreement, why is it essential to have one as a GP partner? What are the differences between a partnership agreement and a salaried contract. Do you understand the legalities of being an employer? If you own a pair of green socks, are they the ones to wear to work? This session will help you understand some of the legal intricacies and difficulties experienced by GPs.