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2017 Recruitment

We have 58 individual training programmes (ITP) available on the scheme starting August 2017

Individual Training Programees

Basic Rota Information

How much time do I spend in GP Placements?

The majority of ITPs have 18m in GP and 18m in hospital placements. Some ITP have extra GP placements

Which hospital(s) would I work in?

Some ITP are based wholly in one location, i.e. all the hospital placements occur within one of JPUH, QEH or NNUH

The majority of ITP have hospital placements split between the NNUH and one of QEH or JPUH. We do not have any ITP where we would split hospital time between 3 hospitals or hospital areas

Where is Psychiatry based?

Psychiatry is based within the NSFT (Norfolk &Suffolk Foundation Trust) which has community and hospital locations throughout Norfolk. These are geographically based on King's Lynn, Great Yarmouth & Norwich.

ITP allocation

How are the ITPs allocated to trainees?

Trainees are invited to rank the ITPs in order of their preferred choice. We use the selection stage 2 and 3 scores and weight these to produce a total SAC score. The trainee with the highest total SAC score gets first choice of available rotations, and so on through the trainees

Using this system, in previous years, most trainees have received one of their top 5 choices

ACF and GHF trainees

ACF and GHF trainees go in with the same selection procedure. For ACF trainees we will look to base you with the same practice for the entire ST3 and ST4 years where possible.

2.5 Year GP Training with Transferable ST Competencies

ATC trainees go in with the same selection procedure. You are therefore advised to carefully select your rotation, and ideally choose a rotation containing your previous speciality in the last 6months of ST2, so that we may swap this out for an early General Practice placement. We will look to place you for your entire ST3 year within the same GP practice where possible. You may select to do a speciality that you have previously trained in, should you wish.

Key to the ITPs

  • AMU – Acute Medicine Unit
  • Card – Cardiology
  • Com OPM – A community based placement in older persons medicine
  • Com PH – A placement with Norfolk Public Health, based at County Hall, Norwich, with one day a week in GP
  • Com Psych – A placement with community Psychiatry and a day in GP, based in Norwich
  • Derm – Dermatology
  • EM – Emergency Medicine (A&E)
  • EAU – Emergency Medical Assessment Unit
  • ENT – Ear Nose & Throat
  • Endo – Endocrinology Medicine
  • MFE – Medicine for the Elderly
  • Med – General Medicine
  • Med Qx R&D – Rheumatology, Dermatology & General Medicine at QEH
  • Ortho – Trauma & Orthopaedics
  • Onc – Trauma & Oncology
  • Opth – Trauma & Opthalmology
  • O&G – Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • OPM – Older Persons Medicine
  • Palliative – A placement based with the Norwich community palliative care team
  • Paeds – Paediatrics
  • Psych – Psychiatry
  • Psych JPx NG – Psychiatry at Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth
  • Plastic S – Plastic Surgery
  • Resp – Respiratory Medicine
  • Rheum – Rheumatology Medicine
  • ending in JPx –based at JPUH
  • ending in Nx –based at NNUH
  • ending in Qx –based at QEH
  • ending in UB –an unbanded post
  • ending in SN –a supernumerary post
  • Needed x –a 'needed' hospital post

Community Posts.

These posts are unbanded. The scheme currently has posts in Public Health, & Community Psychiatry and Older Persons Medicine. Public Health and Community Psychiatry comprise a 3 month period working 1 day a week in GP with 4 days a week within the speciality placement. Community Older Persons medicine is based wholly with the Community OPM team.

If you are in Psychiatry or OPM and one of the substantive hospital posts is not filled for any reason, you will move into that post.

Unbanded Posts.

If you are in an unbanded post, it may be that these change to banded posts during your GPST.

If you in an unbanded hospital posts and one of the substantive hospital posts is not filled for any reason, you will move into that post.

A note about Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

Trainees may, at any point, apply to train less than full–time in GP or Hospital posts. Trainees should be aware, that the opportunites for hospital LTFT are increasingly limited. In hospital, Job-Sharing arrangements are possible between scheme members. It is unlikely that you would be otherwise able to work part time. In GP practice placements we can usually arrange LTFT or Job-Sharing.

A note about Jobsharing

Trainees may request during the recruitment process to work as a Jobshare. The Deanery recruitment office attempt to match successful jobshare applicants to a scheme. We are able to offer GP posts at 60% of full time. We are able to offer hospital posts only at 50% of full time. Jobshare applicants will be allocated a suitable programme and are unable to choose rotations. Jobshare applicants will have 6 hospital posts lasting 6 months at 50%.

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