Sheringham Medical Practice

  • Cromer Road
  • Sheringham
  • NR26 8RT
  • Tel: 01263 822066

Key Facts:

  • STATUS— Norfolk Scheme Training Practice
  • SITES— 1 Rural
  • TRAINEE(S)— 1
  • Practice Population— 10000
  • F2 Doctors no

Sheringham Medical Practice is a very friendly rural dispensing practice about 20 miles from Norwich. The practice has 9,400 patients covering a rural population in a number of local villages. We also look after a range of nursing and residential homes, mental health care homes and have a high number of temporary residents.

Trainees have their own room and we have a large meeting room where the meetings take place. The registrars have 2.5 hrs per week tutorial and debriefs after each surgery which are shared between all GP's and Nurse Practitioners. The registrars attends GPSTS teaching at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital all day on alternate Wednesdays and has a protected day of study when not attending.

Sheringham offers excellent training and relations with doctors and staff to learn effectively in a nurturing environment. Various people help with teaching including all the GPs, the Practice Manager, Nurses and other health care professionals. Trainees are actively encouraged to attend a variety of meetings in the practice. We offer opportunities to learn skills in the practice including minor surgery, cryotherapy, electrocautery, and use of various diagnostic tools e.g. spirometry. Time is available to complete audits. We have a website, so look us up on the web www.sheringhammedical.nhs.uk

On call commitment for trainees in the practice consists of one day a week on call between 08.30am and 6.30pm and out of hours training is under the wing of the Out of Hours Service.

Martyn Scott: A Partner has been at Sheringham Medical Practice since 1998 and our GP trainer since 2005. He is committed to the training and development of trainees and returners to the practice. He is also an appraiser.

Simon Downs: Salaried GP at Sheringham Medical Practice since 2013 as a trainer. Dr Downs is also a senior appraiser and associate dean for East of England LETB. Dr Downs brings a wealth of experience in training and mentoring to Sheringham. He was one of the co-authors of the curriculum for Norwich Medical School and the national curriculum for General Practice, a Tutor at Cambridge and Bedford University, and in addition to being GP Director for Norfolk he is also National Adviser to the Skills Academy for Health. He has been a trainer for 30 years and currently sits on the RCGP Quality and Management Committee looking at the ePortfolio.

Ian Smith: Has been a partner at Sheringham Medical Practice since 1995 and is an approved Associate Trainer. He takes regular tutorials and he is part on the commissioning group.

Nurse Practitioner Jeanette Rigby: Has been with Sheringham Medical Practice since 2012 has completed her associate trainer programme in Manchester. Jeanette meets regularly with the registrars and takes tutorials and is part of the clinical debriefing team, Jeanette's main role is to be available for the registrars for pastoral care and ensure they are receiving support in their role at the practice.

As a learning organisation, the Practice is actively involved in developing other learners in the organisation. The practice offers career opportunities to local young people and has successfully trained and employed several apprentices within the practice.

All the recent trainees have greatly enjoyed their attachements and have scored high marks in the AKT and CSA.

Come and join a very good training practice.

Sheringham Medical Practice