GP practices on the scheme receive 1st 6m GP Trainees (ST1) and final 12m GP Trainees (ST3) in rotation.

Practice placements are paired in terms of distance and travelling time to even out travelling time and fuel costs for trainees as far as it is possible.

Practice Pairs are allocated according to preference, with first preferences going to the highest ranked trainees from the selection and assessment process

Occasionally specific practices will become unavailable, as occasionally practices are unable to host trainees. Conversely, practices can occasionally take extra trainees.

GP Practice Distand from the JPUH, NNUH & QEH

These are as the crow flies distances

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UEA Medical Centre20.31.134.7
Trinity & Bowthorpe Medical Practice21.71.333.3
Cringleford Surgery20.41.334.8
Bacon Road Medical Centre19.81.835.3
Mile End Road Surgery19.42.035.7
Roundwell Medical Centre22.52.232.6
Hethersett Surgery23.02.232.4
St Stephens Gate Medical Practice18.62.936.4
Tuckswood Surgery18.42.936.7
Oak Street Surgery18.83.136.3
Woodcock Road Surgery19.53.535.6
Magdalen Medical Practice18.63.736.5
Lawson Road Surgery18.63.736.5
Hellesdon Medical Practice20.93.834.3
Drayton Surgery22.24.233.1
Wymondham Medical Practice25.25.231.0
ENMP Thorpe Centre17.85.537.6
Old Mill Surgery16.15.839.4
Heathgate Medical Practice16.08.040.7
Long Stratton21.38.737.5
Coltishall Medical Practice18.99.938.5
Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Centre16.510.940.9
Market Surgery25.212.133.8
Loddon - Chet Valley Medical Practice10.512.145.7
Orchard Surgery33.612.421.4
Theatre Royal Surgery33.712.521.3
Stalham Green Surgery16.313.142.5
Ludham Surgery12.814.645.6
Elmham Surgery35.114.920.7
Bungay Medical Practice14.014.946.9
Birchwood Medical Practice22.715.639.4
Paston Surgery22.715.639.4
Staithe Surgery16.616.444.9
Aldborough Surgery28.816.934.1
Cutlers Hill Surgery17.718.148.2
Beccles Medical Centre10.018.451.3
Martham Health Centre10.318.650.1
Ormesby Village Surgery8.019.952.1
Millwood Surgery1.920.253.7
Hemsby Surgery9.520.652.3
Holt Medical Practice35.120.930.0
Caister Health Centre5.921.053.7
Gorleston Medical Centre1.021.054.6
Newtown Surgery4.121.254.4
North Caister Medical Centre6.621.353.9
Lighthouse Medical Practice3.121.354.7
Park Surgery3.121.454.7
Cromer Group Practice30.621.637.7
Sheringham Medical Practice33.722.234.4
Bridge Road Surgery5.823.056.7
Victoria Road Surgery6.223.156.7
Andaman Surgery7.223.256.7
Rosedale Surgery7.223.256.7
Crestview Surgery5.824.358.0
Longshore Surgery9.725.058.2
Gt Massingham46.925.99.1
Sole Bay Health Centre16.127.359.1
Burnham Market49.530.717.2
Carole Brown Health Centre54.233.46.6
Gayton Road56.034.71.0
St James56.835.51.9
Upwell Health Centre62.841.814.2
Trinity Surgery65.744.413.4
Millgates Surgery72.451.825.7
Hollies Surgery80.058.928.4
St Georges Littleport3,633.33,636.53,645.5